Your Job and Employment Service to Korea




1. Occupations

①Carpently, ②Civil Work, ③Agriculture, ④Fishing, ⑤General worker

2. How to Processing

Submit Resume and copy of passport


Primary Document Review


language education apply only primary reserch passed person.


Official Invitation for education applicant. (250$ deposit for guarantee to official processing, that will be deducted for the accommodation charge payment)


Employment recommend to the company when the be able hearing and speaking



3. Language Education

Period: 2~3Months


Educational Fee(Language Traning): Free

Accommodation: should be pay from applicant for language training terms accommodations/500$ per month and Not pay any of manpower charge to education Graduates for terms of training time.



4. Official Invitation

Will be given official Invitation for Visa processing (Who applicant should be deposit US$250 for Guarantee Charge that will be including accommodation charge. )



5. Required Documents for apply

Primary Documents: Resume ②Color Scanned copy of Passport.


Secondary documents: Language Education Application with US250$ of Guarantee for processing and Job Application.



6. How to Apply

Your Primary Documents: (Resume ②Color Scanned copy of Passport) delivery by e-mail to



7. Date of Expire

30. June 2014.



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